Derby Debacle and Disappointment

As parents we want all the goodness and none of the bad for our kids.  We stay up late baking the "perfect" cookies or cupcakes for them to take to school. We give in sometimes on little things that we really shouldn't but do anyway. We buy that item that they "will die if they do not get it" for Christmas or birthdays. We work those extra hours to pay for that vacation of a life time.  We do all these things and more as parents.  It is what we are all about.  Making their life happier and easier than our lives were. 

Then there are these days.

Disappointment that just breaks your heart to watch.  Knowing that just maybe we could have prevented this but understanding that sometimes it is necessary in order to build their character and social development.  Telling him that coming in 4th out of only 4 cars and not receiving a trophy but rather a ribbon that says "I did my best" and a certificate of good workmanship is still great for the first time of ever competing in a Pinewood Derby and it is still something you should be proud of.

Yet, as parents we have also started calculating our car design for next year and realizing that - Oh yeah it's on!

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Accidental Expert said...

Ah, I remember my son's Pinewood Derby days well. Unfortunately, he never won anything. But I think it was still a wonderful bonding experience for both him and my husband. Sorry about this year's disappointment, and here's to next year's killer car.