Greener grass, You can keep it.

It has come to my attention (and by that I mean that I have come to the realization but shhhhh, I won't admit it) that I have not become as organized as I had thought I would be by now. By that I mean I have been a stay-at-home (and working my butt off) mom now for 8 or so months now and yet my basement still looks that same, my dining room table and kitchen counter is still cluttered and I've not managed to complete (or start) a single scrapbook page or sell anything on craigslist. Don't even bring up the laundry, hemming, taxes or the weight loss - please and thank you.

I have managed to put over 3,000 miles on my car by hauling children to and fro and running errands for my husband's remodeling business or just general food shopping. I've sold and delivered hoagies, cookie dough, Christmas poinsettias/wreaths, garden flags, coupon books and Girl Scout Cookies. I've even seen the Bieber and Lady Gaga in concert (individually, not together - that would be disturbing).

I am in awe of the popular bloggers out there that work full-time, have more than one child (because having just one is not the same as it is when there is a multiple - don't argue - it is a fact), and still find time for entertainment, family outings (even in the middle of the week), household/yard projects or home school even. How do you gals do this? Who does your cleaning, laundry, cooking and the other daily life stuff for you?  I feel very ill-equipped.

I do though get an awful lot of hugs, kisses, and I love you's from my kids daily - so I guess I'm doing okay.

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