Legal tender is in the eye of the beholder.

After a day of catching up on things around the house yesterday and also since it was a Tiger Scout meeting day, Husband decided to not grill the yummy steaks we had thawed out.  Instead, he promised Boy Child that if he was on his best behavior at the scouts meeting, we would all go to McDonald's for dinner.  As you know, McDonald's to a 7 year old boy is a slice of heaven.  I mean who can resist the new McDonald's fabulous Happy Meal Toy. 

Once at McDonald's, Husband and I stared at the menu like we had never seen such food before and truly were mesmerized by it's awe inspiring selection. For real people, can't everyone in the U.S. recite the McDonald's menu in their sleep but yet once you enter the dang place it is as though you've never been there before but yet you somehow manage to order the exact same thing you always get whenever you go.  To top it all off we got a brand spanking new cashier - yikes!  So by now the Boy Child is carrying on a conversation with the 3 homeless looking gentleman who have taken up 3 separate booths and Husband decides he cannot wait for this slow cashier to look for what buttons to push as I repeat everything twice.  Now it appears that Boy Child has disappeared to the bathroom and Husband is on a mission to retrieve him.  What is with public restrooms and children - ewww - it is just ridiculous how much they are attracted to using them. 

Now that my order taking is finally over the manger comes over to tell me and the cashier that the milkshake machine is not working and the cashier then has to figure out how to deduct the milkshakes and replace it with regular drinks - and I'm really angry now because I really wanted that Shamrock Shake before they go away for another year.  Grrrrr.  We manged to get through the ordering and purchasing procedure without bloodshed.  As I'm looking at my receipt and waiting for the food, I notice that there are 2 items on my receipt that are wrong and will need to be corrected.  Something that made me quiver a bit thinking about.

But the best part is that there are two teenage boys placing their order now and the one boy has the gumption to pay for his order using 4 gold dollar coins.   You could see the sheer perplexity on this new cashier's face.  He was completely dumbfounded by this coin.  He laughed and asked the kid if he was serious in paying with them.  When the kid replied that they were in fact legal tender and have been around for oh say 10 years or so the cashier didn't believe him.  He runs in the back to ask his manager if he can accept these as he has never seen anything like this before.

Oh, people it was priceless.  The manager looked at me in utter embarrasment and wispered to me that this poor boy actually thought that these coins were Chuck E. Cheese tokens.  I guess I can see the resemblence ....

... umm no, not really.

I felt so sorry for the cashier and am glad that he is out of his house and working at McDonald's because he will most definitely get a much needed education in many things.    

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