Into the hands of strangers

Today was an emotional wreck for me. I placed my daughter on a very large bus with a bunch of strangers. These strangers have the task of keeping my only daughter safe for 3 days. She who tells me that I'm to strict and all her friends hate me because of it. I know that I will have to give in to the fact that she is going to grow up and need to be away from us from time to time.  However, I feel it is my duty as her mom to be strategic in which time and where.  I have cried off and on all day. 

This whole 6th grade class trip to Washington DC seemed harmless enough all year round -- that is until this morning at 6:30am.  At that time it seemed like a very very bad decision. All I wanted to do was scoop her up and take my baby bird right back to our nest where it was safe.  She on the other hand couldn't wait to board that bus and start her adventure.  She has never been afraid to explore new places.  She has never been afraid to stay over people's houses.  She thrives on social occasions. 

This whole letting the kids grow up thing is going to really toy with my emotional well-being. 

Diva is a good girl with a very good heart.  She knew how nervous I was for her to be so far away from us, so she was so kind that she sent me a text and told me what she just saw and where she was going next all day.  I think I may actually sleep tonight. Maybe.

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