Puberty Is a Four Letter Word

I took Diva shopping today at Plato's Closet to find some shorts and a dress for the 6th grade class dinner.  I have never been to that store before and I have to say this is a dream come true with all the brand name clothes there for really bargain prices. We will be back - but without the Boy Child as that was just shear torture.

I have one word though for this day - BOOBS.  WTH people.  My daughter is 11 and I was so totally not prepared to see the boobs filling out these dresses.  When did this happen?  She is 11 not 16.  I'm very unprepared for this puberty thing going on.  I'm surprised with the discussion of ugly and fat already.  Junior High is going to be a wild ride - I sure hope I survive.  Go away puberty we don't need you here - I want to keep my baby girl.

This is the baby I see her as - where is this cuteness!

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Accidental Expert said...

Yeah, it tends to sneak up on you. I have two adolescent girls and I miss those cute little-girl days. Good luck with middle school.