The week that blew

The past couple weeks have been somewhat of a whirl wind in this house. We rushed Husband to the ER on a Monday and he had been in the hospital for 9 days.  So trying to keep things as normal as possible so the Boy Child doesn't ruin his really fantastic run of good days he has been having at school and keeping miss tween Diva socially connected so she doesn't implode has been quite exhausting for me.  Other than the kids wanting to go see the movie Hop, and me saying no, I think that I've done a pretty good job of keeping everything copacetic. Then it was getting all the things rescheduled that had to be put on the sidelines for those 9 days.

Thanks goes to my dad who watched the kids for me a few times too.  The kids really enjoyed that though and I think Pap Pap did too. 
Ask me though how Husband handled this.  Imagine stuffing a hippo into a dog crate, placing it in an empty room, and only giving it liquids to eat for 7 days and 2 days with nothing by mouth.  Oh, and also take away any nicotine you can muster to wrestle from him. Yep, you guessed it - one super angry hippo. 

On the positive side, he is home and back to work and doing much much better.   Also, the smoking thing - he has now gone 18 days without smoking!  Yeah Hubby! Keep up the great work!

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Burgh Baby said...

Not smoking for nearly 3 weeks is way impressive! If it sticks, it might just make that craziness all worth while. Maybe. Almost. Kind of.