Boy Child's Bowling Win

Lots of stuff have been going on here and I have really neglected to fill everyone in, so I've really got to get on the ball and catch everyone up to speed.

As you all know, we started sending Boy Child to bowling in September last year.  We did this so that he could interact with kids his own age and to help him with his socialization skills.  I'll be honest - I didn't have very high expectations for this but knew it was a necessary evil in order to help him with this delay he has.  The school told us to try and have him interact with as many normal social events as we can - even if it killed us. 

By the look on that face, you can tell it was a huge win.  He did beautifully.  There were no hysterics, no tantrums, no aggression.  Sure he had some moments of frustration, but heck what 7 year old boy who has never picked up a bowling ball before wouldn't.  There were no bumpers to save him from gutter balls. 

He made some friends while he was there.  One friend in particular is still his friend and they have play dates and have attended each other's birthday parties.  Again - epic win!

These are just a few of the mementos he received for the bowling season.  We have decided that he will return in the fall and we will make it a family fun night at least once a month (hopefully more) this summer just to keep up his skills.  There is also the free bowling for kids that we have been taking advantage of too!

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