School Year Milestones

Today marks the last day of school for Boy Child. Diva's last day was a week ago.  A week ago also marked the one year anniversary of my having to leave my job.  Needless to say, this has been an emotional time for me. 

There are a lot of things that I had hoped to accomplish in this past year. I didn't even come close to my goals.  Two things I did notice though that really stand out was how much smoother the school year went for both of my children. 

Boy Child made a remarkable improvement in his demeanor.  He has improved so much at school and at home that we are actually talking about transitioning him from his current school into the public school next fall.  Shhhh, I don't want to jinx it so pretend I didn't really say that out loud.  Seriously though, as long as everything continues on this same path when school starts in the Fall then sometime before the Christmas break we will be transitioning him into the public school.  How exciting. My husband and I have worked so hard to hear those words. I'm so proud of my boy. He really just wants to be like all the other kids - having fun, making friends and participating in school functions.

Besides his Honor Roll ribbon - which is impressive since he is in first grade and performing at the 5th grade level in reading and 3rd grade level in math - he has brought home this wonderful achievement.  I guess it could be worse.

My Diva has had her share of ups and downs with the raging hormones of puberty racing through the 11-12 year old girls of sixth grade this year, but it was nothing compared to last year.  She has migrated to a different set of friends and for the most part it has been a better year for her as well.  I was glad to be home this year and be available at a moment's notice for the day when her period caused her to need new pants (uggh - I remember those days) or when she forgot her assignment in the printer on my desk or when the school nurse called.  Her knowing that mom was now available to her more seemed to be more of peaceful environment - if you don't count the days of "having nothing to wear" and "bad hair days" that were always somehow my evil doing.

Amongst the chorus and student council representative awards Diva received, this one award stands out so much more.  It is the award for Outstanding Academic Excellence in the President's Educational Awards Program.  What that means is she maintained at least a 3.5 GPA throughout each year of her elementary school years and had at least one outstanding test score on their yearly national tests in either math or reading. We are very proud of her. 

This is her First Grade school picture and then the photo we took of her at her Sixth Grade class graduation dinner. It is so true when they say that the years just fly by.  My Diva will be entering Junior High School in the Fall - I hope we survive.

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