So She Wants to Play Softball

It is no secret that Diva plays softball.  Fast pitch softball.  In fact some may think that is all we have to talk about.  They may be right since the last time my husband and I did something just the two of us was probably 2 years ago. If you ask my daughter, it IS all we talk about. 

When she was old enough to play T-ball she wanted to play - she was 4. She has been playing softball ever since.  She started in slow pitch, then decided she wanted to be a pitcher, then got bored with slow pitch and moved up to fast pitch.  It has been fun watching her grow and develop into her role as a fast pitch pitcher. When she was in T-ball I was so excited that she actually was participating in the game instead of playing with the grass or watching butterflies or doing the pirouettes that some of the kids were doing. Then in slow pitch she really dug her heels into it and worked hard to make a difference.  At first she was the slowest and not the best hitter and that was a bit frustrating for all of us and then fast pitch came around.  There were new rules and different distance for pitching and different style for pitching not to mention the win, win, win attitude.  Yep, this was no longer just a social outing at the ball park but now it was the big leagues where it mattered.  Her team each year had always made it to the championship game - always - until this year.

This year we were asked (but really kinda told nicely) that there were girls with seniority who requested to be on the team with a certain specific coach which we had requested and that team was full.  It was asked (or suggested) if we wouldn't mind too terribly to be placed on the second team.  Were we disappointed? Yes. Did we cause a ruckus about it? No. Did we go to the championships? No.  Did the other team win the championship? Yes. Despite all that though, it was all for the better.  She was able to get more time pitching in the games than she would have if she had been on the other team.  Our team ended up as 5th seed.  We had a brand new-to-coaching coach and some of the girls had never played fast pitch before. The coach was very nice but could have been more aggressive.  Some of the girls on the team were new to fast pitch.  The rain in the beginning of the season didn't help them out any either with fields that were swamps and cancelled practices.  The girls on the team were great and all got along well and the parents were a good bunch too. There really wasn't very much softball mom/dad politics going on either.  Diva was even chosen for the All Stars Game!  Now it is on to the tournament team games and then fall ball and then junior high team try-outs and conditioning - and so on, and so on, and so on.  Oh, and let us not forget the private pitching instructions from the best instructor ever!

My Diva pitching in the All Star 2011 Team!! Way to go!

Here she is pitching in a game with the Tournament Team.
Wow, look at that expression!! It was so hot that weekend.

It takes a lot of dedication. These girls had batting practice the other day - the heat index was 104 degrees in the shade! They still smiled and had fun with it. I was watching from the shade and wanted to go home.

See this little pin?

This little pin was awarded to her at a recent tournament by the opposing team.

This little pin is HUGE!
My Diva has wanted one of these since she started playing fast pitch tournaments - So Proud!

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