We have been a little busy lately.

The kids have been bugging us for a year to get a dog.  We had a wonderful dog for 12 years but then sadly had to have him put to sleep due to an inoperable tumor that was very painful for him.  Boy Child was not even 1 when that took place, so he doesn't even remember that dog. We miss him everyday.

After a few months of discussion and searching we have a new addition to our family.  Her name is Roxi.  She is a Maltepoo.  We really wanted a Havanese but we just couldn't afford one.  Roxi is adorable though and we have fallen in love with her. 

It is a work in progress for Boy Child to learn that she isn't a toy that can be picked up constantly and placed where you want it to be.  He is getting it but he does notice that the dog doesn't come to him as much as she does to the rest of us.  She will though in time and with some patience.  This will be very therapeutic for him. 

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