A little bit of this and a little bit of that was just want we needed.

If you start out your morning with a little bit of this after driving through pouring down rain. 
You end up with something like this that very same night.

You might even end up with some very special magic that I just had to get a photo of because it may never be seen again!
And then there is the perfect sunset for the perfect day.
Then you go ahead and add a little bit of this just to spice it all up!

What comes next is something we had only dreamed of.
Swimming with the dolphins! ...

Relaxing on a private island! ...

Having some special pirate fun at sea! ...

Experiencing the ocean for the first time! ...

... and riding the water coaster on board the new Disney Dream!

Then reality rears its ugly head and you have to go home.

We returned home with some very special memories and a fantastic experience my kids will never forget!

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Accidental Expert said...

How wonderful. I am thoroughly jealous.