Competition is healthy - Right?

We entered our son into his first ever competition.  It was a Tang Soo Do tournament that his school was in charge of.  The location was wonderful - Seven Springs Resort.

He was very excited to go but also a bit nervous.  I was very nervous because we were attending as a family and I wasn't sure how he would handle his anxiety.  There was an awful lot of commotion since there were over 400 registered contenders (and their families).  It was run very well though. 

Boy Child competed in the 7-8 year old Orange belt bracket.  There were kids with just the Orange belt and then also the next level Orange belt with the stripe - about 14 kids in all. 

First came his Forms competition.  He chooses his highest form for his color belt level and presents it to the judges.  He could have shown a bit more energy with it and not looked at the ground. 

Next came the board breaking competition.  It was judged on degree of difficulty and how many tries it took to break.

Finally, the competition ended with the sparring portion.  He had won one round and lost two.  My video of his winning round would not upload, so here is a shot of him waiting his turn.

As you can see by this expression -- the day did not end up quite the way he had hoped.  He didn't win.  He did however, come in 4th in the sparring competition and did receive a participation trophy. 

He didn't handle losing very well - he cried a little and threw his uniform while changing.  He did handle it much better than the boy who came in 3rd in the sparring competition.  That boy cried from the time he received the trophy, through changing his clothes, through the walk to his car and then standing outside his car - all because he wanted the 1st place trophy. 

It was an experience he should have had.  I would enter him in another one for sure.  The trophy is next to his bed and he held it all the way home from the tournament.  He is proud of himself.

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Accidental Expert said...

Way to go! Just entering is something to be proud of...AND placing fourth is great. Congrats.