#I Said Yes

So here's the thing.  My Diva has now entered the world of Senior High School.  Yup, she is now a Freshman.  Not only is the envelope pushing, mouth running, hormone raging and occasional oh so sweetness in full swing but now the boys have truly entered into the picture. 

Apparently, this first dance of the year is such drama about being asked by a boy.  The pressure is really on the boys here because they no longer can just go up to a girl and say "Hey, would you like to go to the Homecoming Dance with me?" It now has to be a production as if it is a marriage proposal or something.  Then the girls all #I Said Yes it on social media.  I find this rather funny coming from an era of kids who do not even know how to hold a conversation with one another but yet they make something so simple into a competitive stage production.

Diva was asked in this manner.

Just to sum it up for you...She went to her locker and there sat the softball with the words Turn Around written on it.  When she turned around, the boy in question was standing there holding the flowers and asked her to the dance.  Okay yeah, it is sweet.  Oh and if you don't recall, my Diva is a very active fastpitch softball pitcher - so the softball idea was a good one (I'm sure the idea was given to him by her best friend.). 

To seal the deal .... dress shopping took place the very next day!  This I thought was going to be rather painful and expensive.  The first dress we saw she fell in love with....

But of course in true Diva style we couldn't be so lucky and just buy it.  Nope we had to go another 3 hours of shopping and comparing every single other dress in the area to this first one.  Naturally, I drug her butt back to the first store and bought the contraption before she could blink again.  I have to ask though - when did they start making all the dresses for teenagers so flipping short???

Now we must find the perfect silver shoes ....

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