Let's Play Catch Up

This is not so much a blog post but rather a catch up to the last year.  I have so much blog envy for the bloggers who are such super humans. They cavort at public events, do crafts or home décor things, cook amazing meals, take photos and even have the time to sit and write about their life experiences.  I just seem to try and make it through the day and hope the family underwear supply is clean.

A while ago I wrote about my Diva and her softball.  She put her heart and soul into that when she made the travel ball team 2 summers ago.  The girl had only 1 or 2 nights off from either a lesson or practice of some sort.  She was doing great.  She was something that the local coaches and her pitching coach were watching closely since she was only 13 at the time.  Unfortunately for us, we were just on a very bad team.  By bad I mean that from the coaching to the players and especially to the parents it was all just so very bad.  My kid was bullied by the most of the players on the field, at practices and even via social media.  Some of them were the coaches kids.  The parents were evil too.  I through that rec ball taught me a thing or two about the politics and back-stabbing fun parents played but that had nothing on these pros.  So we got through that season.  Then last summer we joined a new team.  This team was like a breath of fresh air.  These girls were so team oriented and very nice.  They were of the mindset that we play/practice as a team and we win/lose as a team.  The parents kept their thoughts to themselves and didn't speak mean about any of the girls.  Then it happened.  Injury.  Diva never even got to play in one tournament with this new team.  She played scrimmages before the season and practiced but that was before the injury.  She spent from September through June either on crutches or at physical therapy. She wasn't allowed any activity not even swim class/gym.  So almost a year passed without her touching a ball, bat or glove.  Once she was released in July, she decided that she was done with softball.  So there we are after 10 years of softball 1 year ended it all.  Now that she has some breathing room to herself, she seems to be confused on who she is.  She is just now trying to find her niche and exploring things that she never had time to do before since she was always playing softball.  She's into music, musical theater, the school newspaper, etc.  Heck we even had a summer this year - you know like real people do - with a vacation and spending time with family and friends.  It was quite different than spending every Friday through Sunday on some field somewhere and practicing the week before.  That's the positive thing about no more softball.  I think we will all get used to it.  She's going to be A-Okay!

Boychild is doing great in public school.  He transitioned in 3rd grade and is now in the 5th grade.  He is in the gifted program too.  He still has his struggles with social skills and frustration which the school is doing a great job of helping him through this via his IEP and the teacher selections they have made for him.  We even dared to let him go on an overnight camp trip with our church's youth group.  He did very well.  Did he have some issues - oh yes he did.  Were they manageable - yes they were.  But for having never in his life gone on an overnight trip with a group of people he barely knew and without me or his father and being only 10 years old - I'll chalk it up as a win!  My how far he has come.  We're so proud of him.

Now you're in-the-know.  Hopefully, this year I'll be able to have some free time and live a little and tell you all how it goes!

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