Who Am I?

I go by Mia on this blog.  I am a 40-something wife and mom who lives in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA.  I'm born and raised here and yet I really haven't seen much of this fantastic city at all.  I've never been to a Pittsburgh Penguins game and I've only been to one Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates game.  I've never even seen the fireworks from The Point.  I'm working on changing all that.  I'm trying to overcome my fear of driving into the city and unknown areas.  Mr. TomTom has really been helping me with that.  It has been fun so far and I've been meeting some really nice people.

I'm just me ~ everyday I find out something else about me.  My life to this point has been bizarre to say the least.  I have friends that wanted me to mentor to young girls on how to be strong and how not to make the wrong choices for the wrong reasons.  I won't do it though.  This stems from 7 years of wickedness that I endured in my 20's.  We won't go there.  To be honest that is mostly the reason I don't use my real name.  The nightmares still haunt me and there are still memories that are suppressed and I'm not entirely convinced my family has forgiven me for stuff that happened then.  But I survived.  Lessons learned.

I've recently been thrown into the role of SAHM.  Sixteen years ago that was my main goal in life.  Nothing happens as you plan it though. I had been working full-time for 18 years and then I had to switch to part-time for the last 8 years.  Now, in order to help my son, I've had to quit the work-force.  Whoo hooo!  Reality of it is though, I work from home.  I help my husband with the administrative duties needed to keep his business running.  But I'm really looking forward to getting more organized, having more time to exercise, and finally get some items we've had hanging around up on EBay.  Oh and I still have every photograph ever taken since the day I met my husband thrown into storage bins and unorganized.  Maybe I'll get those into scrapbooks too.  Whew, it feels good to have a dream!

I'm married to the love of my life.  He is strong. He is wild. He is sweet. He is also the hardest working man I've ever met.  His life has been no bed of roses but he also has survived and moved on.  He's full-blooded Italian so that also makes him a bit nuts and loud - hey,  no offense to you Italians out there, you know what I'm talking about.  He loves me and the kids beyond belief and you cannot ask for more than that.  He will do anything to provide for us and make sure we are safe.  He also just happens to be the most talented man in the area when it comes to home renovations and he owns his own business.  This business has gone through a transformation from rentals, to flipping, and now to renovating for investors.  He has a knack and the smart ones know it.

I have an 11 year old daughter whom I call Diva on my blog.  Mostly because she is a tween and tween girls are all divas.  They have way too much drama about such trivial things. It is so hard to not laugh during the meltdowns.  I waited my whole life for her.  She is amazing and brings so much joy to our family.  She has no idea how much she has to offer this world and needs to be a bit more confident in herself and her abilities.  She is actually a very good girl and I'm very lucky and blessed for that.  I hope it continues.  She's active with becoming a great fast pitch softball pitcher and first baseman as well as aspiring to become an actress and pop star.  At least for this week.  She is way too sweet for her own good, can be sour if you tick her off and a is a comedic genius.  She is our baby girl!  She gives me loads to talk about with all the new hormones starting and I'll most likely be medicated sometime soon!


I also have a 7 year old son whom I call Boy Child on my blog.  He is our cross to bare.  He comes with a lot of baggage.  Don't get me wrong, there are children out there that have way more problems than my son and I am very thankful that he isn't worse.  But unless you live our life with him, you wouldn't understand.  He has a genius IQ and that alone would be enough for any family to have difficulty managing but he also has mild obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, sensory processing disorder, intermittent explosive disorder and a bit of ADHD all rolled into one.  He also happens to be the most loving of boys, he has a fantastic sense of humor, a lover of all things electronic, a huge movie fan and really just wants to have friends and be liked.  It is so sad some days. It is exhausting and stressful but totally worth it.  I have complete faith that he "will get it" and he will be able to cope with his intellect and emotions.  Mostly though I pray that he will be able to mesh with society enough to make some friends and feel confident in who he is and the true remarkable person he is destined to be.  We just know he will make history one day!

My blog is a work in progress ('coz I don't really know what I'm doing) so if it looks different from time to time that is because I'm learning and growing, hope you won't mind. I want to run with the big dogs of blogging but cannot figure out how they find all that time to tweet, facebook, blog, attend functions and still maintain the role of wife and mother.  Maybe their husbands do not work 12 hour days, I dunno.  I'll figure it all out one day.

Feel free to leave me a comment, I can take the criticism and I welcome the advice!

So let's have some fun...